Architecture, Design and Race: SHADE

BLM Teach-In Flyer 8.5x11.indd
Saturday April 9 2016
3:30-4:30 PM: Architecture, Design and Race: SHADE

SHADE stands for Sustainable Humanitarian Architecture & Design for the Earth.
SHADE Institute is a non-profit public interest design organization based in Hawaii which brings together interns and professionals in the environmental planning, design, engineering and the arts to provide community service projects which increase sustainability, resilience and quality of life in our rapidly urbanizing cities. SHADE provides training for university-level and professional interns with mentoring from practicing professionals. Service projects include community-based planning, building design and public space improvements for underserved organizations, communities and individuals. This presentation will focus on urban resilience among diverse communities who can organize and create safe havens for neighborhood functions and disaster sheltering.

Dean Sakamoto, Principal of Dean Sakamoto Architects LLC
Todd Ayoung, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Foundation Art, Pratt Institute
Deborah Gans, Professor of Architecture, Pratt Institute

Location: Main Hall 210

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