Contextualizing #BlackLivesMatter in NYC

Friday April 8 2016
10:30-12:30 PM Contextualizing #BlackLivesMatter in NYC

The Black Lives Matter movement has shifted the political and cultural landscape in ways that were unimaginable as recently as President Obama’s first term. This panel will focus on the importance of Black Lives Matter in New York. An experienced group of local organizers, working on issues ranging from police violence and racialized criminalization to justice reform and racial and economic equity, will discuss Black Lives Matter, its impact on their own work and the city as a whole. Learn more about the daily challenges faced by local communities, and better understand your position as a city resident. This panel will provide crucial context for the Teach-In.

Autumn Marie, Black Lives Matter, NY
Yul-San Liem, Justice Committee, NY
Jose Lopez, Make the Road, NY (member of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing)
Angelo Pinto, Juvenile Justice Campaign, Correctional Association of New York, and Justice League NYC
Moderated by Ann Holder, Associate Professor of History, Pratt Institute

Location: Higgins Hall Auditorium

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