How can you get involved in BlackLivesMatter@Pratt? There are so many ways to become part of a movement that is at its core about social justice, human rights and recognition of the ongoing violence on black people, one that has a deep history in this country:

Show Up: Attend an event and bring friends.  Send us an email to sign up for our mailing list.

Be Vocal: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtags to start discussions: #PrattInstitute #blmpratt #pratt

Create: Write a piece; share your recent work, what does Black Lives Matter at Pratt mean to you? Email it to us for a feature on our site!

Host: Would you like to host an event? A speaker? Or would you like to speak on a topic? Would you like to organize an exhibition or put books on reserve at the libraries that are relevant to Black Lives Matter? If so, please contact one of our coordinators and we will be happy to help you secure funding, space, and an audience for it.

In many cases, you and your department might already be doing this related to race – if this is the case, please let us support you and bring people to your events. And we will be happy to be listed as a co-sponsor – BlackLivesMatters@Pratt – we will include all of your listings on our social media lists.

Outreach: As students/staff/faculty we have many lives. Maybe what you are doing in class is not directly related, but you are active in your other spheres… please consider bringing your worlds on to and into this one. Our campus will only benefit from becoming engaged with the world outside its gates. If you are interested in doing something with an outside group or individual, please contact one of our coordinators so that we can help facilitate.

To get involved, sign-up for our mailing list, and/or propose an event or activity, contact: